"Outside of Time" Collection

Outside of Time – we are thinking outside of time when we assume the possible approaches are already determined by a set of absolute pre-existing categories. Thinking outside of time often implies the existence of an imagined realm outside the universe where the truth lies. This is a religious idea, because it means that explanations and justifications ultimately refer to something outside of the world we experience ourselves.

Turn your back on mediocrity. Push the boundaries, even at the risk of failure. Stretch your imagination. This season is all about change. Interplay between knowledge and intuition will lay the path for new designs. We wish to create iconic, timeless and narrative designs that is a testament to acknowledge that our only endless resource is our creativity.

Introspection is a preliminary condition for SENOJ to create. It is intended as the exploration of the self and her perceptions. She describe the “Outside of Time” collection as “a mirror of her soul”, embodying her individual mindset. The choice of the fabrics adds on the concept elaboration, enriching and sometimes modifying it. Senoj avoidance of established systems of design allows for randomness to make simple silhouettes elegant. “Outside of Time” is a delicate, light and very feminine collection. She exudes lightness, which is broken by simple shapes and lines. Tawaunna Jones has a great passion to develop clothes that emphasize and celebrate the female figure.

When creating this collection, several art movements and artists inspired Senoj. She has focused on minimalistic geometric shapes inspired by Miro, contrasting details and  bold colors inspired by Matisse. In the shapes you can see traces from constructivism, and cubism from the exceptional art of Picasso. Another great source of inspiration has been Yves St. Laurent and the way his controversial work showed a freedom of expression and a belief of larger ideals, in particular the emancipation of women.

Outside of Time Collection is about Neo, Next, and New. Neo is its bold colors, sheer fabrics, translucent effect, plastic materials and mirrored effects. Next let us look at nature is a spiritual way. The trend is sexy and entertaining. It is darker than the past nature inspired prints. It is more elevated and tailored this time around. New focuses on a new geological age. It promotes slowness and rituals. The trend can do earthly or tech. Linen and geometrics are key to the trend. Elegant rusticity is important.

The hint of skin showing through designs isn’t obscured by traditional lace or translucent silk, but rather a series of entirely modified fabrics which looked like a fusion of netting and embroidery.  Camouflage is reworked and resized in new color ways and weights to offer a funkier direction, especially for the urban sportswear scene.


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