**NEW** Introducing Senoj Fashions New Project

                             SENOJ REMIX

Senoj REMIX uses deconstruction apparel as a source of fabric to create new designs. The brand include one-of-a-kind designs, ready-to-wear and up-styled fashions. The brand speaks to today’s Millennial who care about the environment. Senoj REMIX is a responsible way to help eliminate some of the pollution caused by the fashion industry.


Turn your back on mediocrity. Push the boundaries, even at the risk of failure. Stretch your imagination. This season is all about change. Interplay between knowledge and intuition will lay the path for new designs. We wish to create iconic, timeless and narrative designs that is a testament to acknowledge that our only endless resource is our creativity. Senoj Fashions has a great passion to develop clothes that emphasize and celebrate the female figure, “Outside of Time”!

The latest collection features designs embodying Senoj's individual mindset, with a wide appeal to women of discriminating tastes. Her avoidance of established systems of design allows for randomness to make simple silhouettes elegant. She develops high-quality, sophisticated fashion which interprets classical cuts in a modern way. Soft and smooth materials like silk, wool, chiffon and leather characterize the feminine, nonchalant chic and serve as an inspiration for new designs. Clear lines, spacious silhouettes, and unlimited combination possibilities but always according to wear ability.

As a designer, Tawaunna Jones always looks to the past to create future revolutionary designs. Art, history and strong individuals with flair and exceptional personalities inspires her. Senoj brand appeals to independent women who already have their own individual and unique style. Senoj has a strong and daring concept based on sophisticated and confident shapes.



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